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About Changing the World

DEEPCORE is an AI-focused incubator that cultivates entrepreneurs who aspire to change the world with technology.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk.
The passion of entrepreneurs who risk everything to build business is changing the world in every generation.Currently there are few entrepreneurs from Japan who are able to impact the world. If this situation continues, Japan’s growth will be severely limited. DEEPCORE will increase the number of entrepreneurs in Japan through our AI-focused incubation process. Cultivating young and talented entrepreneurs, we aim to be a “CORE” to change the world.


Through collaboration with companies, research institutes and other organizations, we will orchestrate an open ecosystem where “Engineers”, “Industry” and “Research institutes” are connected.



DEEPCORE creates most-advanced co-working space equipped with abundant computational resources and offers an environment where young engineers work on their research freely. We also provide them with opportunities to tackle social and business issues through joint projects involving companies and other organizations. We will support talented members motivated to launch startups.


DEEPCORE aims to be a “CORE” that brings about disruptive innovations in the world.