DEEPCORE Announces the Establishment of its Second Fund Specializing in AI and AI-related Technologies

DEEPCORE Inc. (“DEEPCORE”), an AI-focused venture capital in Japan, today announced the launch of “DEEPCORE TOKYOⅡInvestment Limited Partnership (the “second fund”),” a fund which invests in seed and early-stage AI and AI-related startups.
DEEPCORE will continue to raise funds, and will gradually proceed with new investment activities from the second fund.

Invested in 61 AI startups from “DEEPCORE TOKYO I” (as of the end of October 2021)
“DEEPCORE TOKYO I” has invested in 61 startups that innovate the industries with the use of AI.
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<Portfolio Companies of “DEEPCORE TOKYO I” (Partial, in alphabetical order)>

Ambi Robotics
Ambi Robotics is an artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics company developing advanced solutions that scale supply chain operations to meet demand while empowering humans to handle more. The company’s industry-leading AI operating system, AmbiOS, leverages proprietary simulation-to-reality technology to operate highly-dexterous robotic systems. The company’s flagship product, AmbiSort, is currently deployed with global brands like Pitney Bowes to augment the mundane, repetitive tasks associated with sorting parcels as shipping volume continues to rise. is the next generation app development platform for every business on the planet. Today, building software requires too much time, effort and expert help; that’s why >78% of software projects fail!
Our AI powered assembly line fuses together Lego-like reusable features, AI & deep automation that vastly reduce human effort, and a verified network of experts that customize it – upto 6x faster, 70% cheaper & almost zero failure.

DeepEyeVision develops a solution to support ophthalmology reading diagnosis using image recognition. The company provides this solution mainly to medical checkup centers and ophthalmology clinics.

New Innovations
With the vision of “Making all industries unmanned,” New Innovations is developing business with the aim of realizing a future in which people enjoy life more fully. Currently, in addition to the AI café robot “root C”, the company provides one-stop support from consultation to development and business expansion in the OMO (Fusion of Online and Offline) domain. The company also promotes DX in a variety of areas.

MI-6 provides contracted consultation for R&D personnel at materials manufacturers, including the formulation of experimental plans and analysis of results based on data analysis, as well as the development and provision of associated software and robotics solutions.

Under the mission of “Change robotics, Change structures, and Change the world”, TX aims to expand the scope of robotics activities beyond the factory, transforming the fundamental nature of society. TX develops a robot that can be controlled by AI and humans via internet under dynamic environments to overcome the AI frame problem.


Expanding investment scope to the startups working to solve industrial issues with AI-related technologies
DEEPCORE is an AI-focused VC firm with the mission of “CORE for Disruptive Innovations,” aiming to foster outstanding entrepreneurs in the field of AI, especially deep learning. The company supports startups through the funding from DEEPCORE TOKYO I, its first fund launched in 2018, and operation of KERNEL, the AI technology-driven community.
DEEPCORE TOKYOⅡ will expand its scope of investment to include startups that solve industrial problems with AI related technologies, in addition to AI startups, with the aim of bringing disruptive innovation from Japan to the world.



Investment targets:
 Pre-Seed / Seed – Series A
 Startups working to solve industrial problems with AI and AI-related technologies.


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