【Selected Companies】3 companies have been selected for “KERNEL Global Startup Camp 2022 Winter”, a 4-month accelerator program for early-stage startups

DEEPCORE Inc., an AI-focused venture capital (VC)in Japan has selected three companies for its accelerator program, “KERNEL Global Startup Camp 2022 Winter,” which targets startups looking to expand their business overseas. 

The program will provide lectures from December 2022 to March 2023 on building a business model, conducting proof-of-concept and fundraising, etc., and a DemoDay (results presentation event) will be held in March 2023.


■Company Selection 
For the first round of the program, we selected 3 startups from among 43 applicants based on a screening process of documents and interviews.
※In alphabetical order

Company name: NeuralX(headquarters/ based in the United States)
Business: NeuralX simulates life and environment to synthesize AI training datasets. The future of AI should not require manual data acquisition or annotation. We take a bottom-up approach with biology, physics, and neuroscience principles. In modern terms, we can call it “Generative AI for Data Synthesis.
Representative: Masaki Nakata

Company name: Spatial Pleasure(Headquarters/based in Japan)
Business: 『Model the Real World』” Model the Real World” – Providing urban planning AI simulation tools
Representative: Soma Suzuki

One last chosen company is operating in stealth mode and its name will not be disclosed at this time.

■About the Program
The KERNEL Global Startup Camp is an accelerator program for early-stage startups that intend to expand into overseas markets and want to focus on developing services and products in AI and related technologies.

 Participants will receive 5 million yen at the start of the program (40,000 US dollars for overseas corporations / subject to change depending on the exchange rate) and various support types so they can focus on their business.

The 4-month program is divided into the following phases: (1) Customer/Problem-Fit, (2) Problem/Solution-Fit, (3) Solution/Product-Fit, with lectures on specific themes each week to provide basic knowledge and case studies, as well as weekly pacemaking. 

After working on hypothesis testing of products/services, we will create outputs for the next round of fundraising.

During the program, in addition to DEEPCORE’s capitalists and advisors, participants will be supported by a team of world-renowned entrepreneurs, investors, and other high-profile mentors. There will also be opportunities to interact with participants living abroad and senior entrepreneurs active in Japan and abroad, creating vertical and horizontal connections.

■Future Plans
From December to March, selected companies will receive lectures on building the business model, conducting proof-of-concept, fundraising, etc., and are scheduled to present their results at the Demo Day in March 2023.

■About the official page on “note”
Information about “KERNEL Global Startup Camp” is also available on the official “note” on DEEPCORE and KERNEL. See details here.

【Company Profile】
Company name: DEEPCORE, Inc.
President & CEO: Katsumasa Niki
Head Office: Design Place α 3F, 4F, 4-1-4 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo