[Operation resumed on August 11.]Notification of temporary closure of KERNEL HONGO due to COVID-19


A KERNEL member who was using KERNEL HONGO, an AI-focused incubation facility operated by DEEPCORE, was found today to be infected with COVID-19.

KERNEL HONGO was closed during the state of emergency, and then reopened on June 1 after the state of emergency was lifted with taking the following measures against infection. Although there has been no confirmed contact between the infected person and other KERNEL members, KERNEL HONGO will be closed for approximately two weeks.

■The measures against infection in KERNEL
・Temperature measurement using thermography and non-contact thermometer for all who enter the room
・Thoroughly enforce hand sanitization and the wearing of masks for all those who enter the room
・Layout change, ventilation and disinfection
 - Decrease in the number of seats
 - Acrylic partitions in all seats/meeting rooms
 - Periodic ventilation and disinfection

■Entry records of infected KERNEL members (last two weeks)
 July 14, 15, 16, 17
 No record after Saturday, July 18

We will make a decision on whether to resume operations on KERNEL after confirming the health status of KERNEL members and others involved.



[Operation resumed on August 11.]

KERNEL HONGO was closed for about two weeks, but as no other KERNEL members or parties were found to be infected, it has resumed operations on August 11.

We will continue to take the measures that had been in place for some time to prevent the spread of the infection.