DEEPCORE to Collaborate with WeWork to Fully Open AI-focused Incubation Facility This August
~ “KERNEL HONGO” to be Established in Hongo ~


DEEPCORE Inc. (“DEEPCORE”), an AI-focused incubator based in Japan, today announced the full-fledged opening of its AI-focused incubation facility “KERNEL HONGO” for young AI engineers and researchers in Hongo, Tokyo in August 2018. “KERNEL HONGO” is a state-of-the-art community space in which WeWork fully collaborates with the incubator in such areas as design supervision. DEEPCORE aims to bring about disruptive innovations from “KERNEL HONGO” to the world.

Background of “KERNEL HONGO”

DEEPCORE, whose mission is to be a “CORE for Disruptive Innovations,” is an AI-focused incubator that cultivates young and talented entrepreneurs in the AI field, especially in the Deep Learning arena. DEEPCORE will build an ecosystem that fosters entrepreneurs who generate disruptive innovations with technologies and accelerate the use of AI technologies in society.
DEEPCORE will open “KERNEL HONGO” in Hongo, which has recently been attracting tech startups and co-working spaces, build an AI technology-driven community and provide full-fledged support for AI-startups. Following the pre-opening period from May 2018, “KERNEL HONGO” will be fully open beginning this August.


“KERNEL HONGO” is an AI specialized incubation facility that cultivates young and talented entrepreneurs in the AI field who aspire to change the world with technology. It is comprised of roughly 80 members (“KERNEL members”), including AI engineers, AI researchers and those in the AI-applied field who were selected through open recruitment (as of 18 July 2018). “KERNEL HONGO” will provide a place where KERNEL members become aware of their own potential and develop into highly-competent human resources who bring about innovations that impact society through joint demonstration experiments with companies and research institutions and opportunities for various interactions.

Value to KERNEL members

・Interaction with other community members

KERNEL members can build a wide range of networks by interacting, exchanging information and collaborating on projects with other members who have the similar goals and interests.

・Free use of “KERNEL HONGO”

KERNEL members can use cutting-edge incubation facilities designed by WeWork freely at any time 24 hours a day. “KERNEL HONGO” provides various areas for collaborative teamwork, individual work, events, interactions with other members, etc. It also offers meals.

・Abundant AI-computing resources

Support provided by NVIDIA such as AI computing resources, technical consulting, training via Deep Learning Institute (DLI), and recommendation to NVIDIA’s Inception Program.
*DEEPCORE’s Press Release, dated April 23, 2018, entitled “SoftBank’s AI Incubator DEEPCORE Teams Up with NVIDIA to Fuel AI Startups in Japan

・Joint demonstration experiments with companies, etc.

KERNEL members can participate in Joint demonstration experiments with companies, etc.

Events and reading circles

KERNEL members can participate in events featuring leaders in the business or AI fields and reading circles for reading the latest research papers. Events organized by KERNEL members are also welcomed.

・Advice from mentors

KERNEL members can receive technological and startup advice from mentors who are active in various industries.

・Investments in promising AI startups

Investment from DEEPCORE’s venture capital fund will be considered for promising AI-startups nurtured by KERNEL. *
* DEEPCORE’s Press Release, dated “May 31, 2018, entitled “DEEPCORE Launches AI Startup-Focused Fund of Up to JPY6 Billion

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