• VAAK Inc.
    VAAK Inc.

    Crime prevention business using image analysis.
    Providing “VAAKEYE” which utilizes security camera analysis AI for shoplifting prevention.

    CEORyo Tanaka
  • UsideU Inc.
    UsideU Inc.

    Providing personal assistant service, applying reinforcement learning technologies

    CEOJunji Takaoka
  • Medmain Inc.
    Medmain Inc.

    Development and provision of medical software and cloud services

    CEOIizuka Osamu
  • Navier Inc.
    Navier Inc.

    Development of deep learning-based image processing technology, primarily super-resolution of images and movies

    CEOHiraku Shibuya
  • New Innovations Inc.
    New Innovations Inc.

    Initiate a retail revolution using robotics and AI. Developed cafe robot that transforms the coffee experience as first business

    CEOKeito Nakao
  • Liaro Inc.
    Liaro Inc.

    Provision of AI solution system for apparel, development of data infrastructure system

    CEOKento Hanada
  • scheme verge
    scheme verge

    Design, development and provision of urban and transportation solutions

    CEOTatsuki Yamanami

    CEOJin Tomioka

    Specializing in the accounting field and provide cloud-based AI solutions that streamline accounting operations.

    CEOKeitaro Mori
  • Babel, Inc.
    Babel, Inc.

    Provide digital marketing solutions in Japan and China

    CEOTamiki Sugiyama
  • Instalimb Inc.
    Instalimb Inc.

    Utilize unprecedented 3D-CAD, 3D printing and machine learning (AI) technology to create an affordable and highquality 3D printed prosthetics & orthotics, and deliver all over the world.

    CEOYutaka Tokushima
  • TAFDATA inc.
    TAFDATA inc.

    Revolutionize by using artificial intelligence to practice all sports players.

    CEOMasahiro Yamada
  • EmbodyMe, Inc.
    EmbodyMe, Inc.

    Develop next-generation computer graphics foundational techology and applications using deep generative model (AI)

    CEOIssei Yoshida
  • KOSKA Corporation
    KOSKA Corporation

    KOSKA improves manufacturers' profitability by its SaaS「 GenKan」that visualizes manufacturing activities with IoT devices and cost accounting principles.

    CEOKenichiro Sone
  • Smile Robotics, Inc.
    Smile Robotics, Inc.

    Smile for all over the world with Robotics Technology.

    CEOTakashi Ogura
  • DEVEL Co., Ltd
    DEVEL Co., Ltd

    Developed GOD AI, that collects all kinds of real estate data online in real time and automatically calculates appropriate prices, theoretical yields, and other indicators using Deep Learning. Based on this system, DEVEL provides trading, brokerage, and investment consulting for high net worth individuals.

    CEOTianqi Li
  • Graffity Inc.
    Graffity Inc.

    Our company is an AR entertainment company, providing an AR shooting game with the mission of 'play AR play real'.

    CEOToshiaki Morimoto
  • DeepEyeVision Inc.
    DeepEyeVision Inc.

    Providing ophthalmic image diagnosis service for medical institutions using AI, a startup from Jichi Medical School

    CEOHidenori Takahashi
  • Laboratik inc.
    Laboratik inc.

    Our mission is to “Bring True Freedom to Work.” We support an organizational improvement in the age of hybrid work.

    CEOReina Noguchi

    CEODaisuke Takenouchi
  • ChillStack, Inc.
    ChillStack, Inc.

    Provides Stena, an AI platform for fraud and anomaly detection, and other AI Security related services.

    CEOMichiaki Ito
  • Corpy&Co., Inc.
    Corpy&Co., Inc.

    Corpy is a startup focusing on QA4AI and XAI. We offer custom solutions, management, and consultation for AI to save human lives and promote equality.

    CEOKohei Yamamoto
  • Mantra Inc.
    Mantra Inc.

    To deliver manga/comics across language barriers, we develop machine translation technologies for manga.

    CEOShonosuke Ishiwatari
  • Sportip, Inc.
    Sportip, Inc.

    CEOYuya Takaku
  • MI-6 Ltd.
    MI-6 Ltd.

    Business Description:Provides contracted consultation for R&D personnel at materials manufacturers, including the formulation of experimental plans and analysis of results based on data analysis, as well as the development and provision of associated software and robotics solutions.

    CEOMotohiro Kizaki
  • fuku, Inc.
    fuku, Inc.

    We are developing Sophiscope, a research support service, to utilize 100% of prior research.

    CEORyota Yamada

    AI music generator for video creators, SOUNDRAW. Anyone can create original music for content by using SOUNDRAW.

    CEODaigo Kusunoki
  • Jij Inc.
    Jij Inc.

    Providing optimization solutions using quantum annealing technology

    CEOYu Yamashiro
  • bestat Inc.
    bestat Inc.

    Provide best quality 3D photoreal models with outstanding volume by our unique 3D capture technology to build a Metaverse Civilization

    CEONaoko Matsuda
  • RevComm Inc.
    RevComm Inc.

    RevComm is the startup company developing Voice x AI-enabled cloud services.

    CEOTakeshi Aida
  • GMO Cybersecurity by Ierae, Inc.
    GMO Cybersecurity by Ierae, Inc.

    We mainly provide services and conduct research and development related to cyber security, AI, and cryptographic technology.

    CEOYuya Kuratomi
  • MENOU Corporation
    MENOU Corporation

    Deep learning modelling software and system solutions for visual inspection.

    CEONishimoto Reiteru
  • BlueBlaze Inc.
    BlueBlaze Inc.

    Online mentorship platform providing voice of experience for better career opportunities.

    CEOTatsuya Tsuzuki
  • vivola Co.,Ltd.
    vivola Co.,Ltd.

    Fertility treatment data search service, women's health-related business consulting

    CEOYukari Tsunoda
  • MFS, Inc.
    MFS, Inc.

    MFS operates the online mortgage service “Mogecheck”, which enable their customers to apply for the most suitable loan easily with no fee charge.

    CEOAkira Nakayamada
  • ANPLAT Co., Ltd.
    ANPLAT Co., Ltd.

    CEOTakuma Misawa
  • datagusto inc.
    datagusto inc.

    datagusto is like an automatic cooker that lets anyone to optimize their business decisions by simply adding data.

    CEOMao Parr
  • digzyme Inc.
    digzyme Inc.

    digzyme providing "digzyme Moonlight," a platform that enables the discovery of new enzymes and reaction pathways by using bioinformatics technology.

    CEONaoki Watarai
  • TechMagic, Inc.
    TechMagic, Inc.

    We make cooking robots powered by machine learning to help offset the decline in the labor force and increase productivity in the food industry.

    CEOYuji Shiraki
  • Resilire, Inc.
    Resilire, Inc.

    CEOYudai Tsuda
  • Yanekara Inc.
    Yanekara Inc.

    For the future of 100% renewable energy from the rooftop/Yane, we develop bidirectional charger for electric vehicles and group control cloud.

    CEOKeisuke Matsufuji
  • SandBox Inc.
    SandBox Inc.

    Neurotech company developing AI for human emotion analysis and gaze estimation.

    CEOAkihito Kikuchi
  • station,inc

    Design consulting and systems for "autonomous decentralization" of places and communities.

    CEOYusuke Watanabe
  • SUPWAT, Inc.
    SUPWAT, Inc.

    Solving R&D or production technology problems in the manufacturing industry by our original technology Mechanical Infomatics.

    CEOTakuya Yokoyama
  • DataLabs, Inc.
    DataLabs, Inc.

    Offering a cloud-based software to automate and streamline construction operations based on 3D data analysis technology.

    CEODaisuke Tajiri
  • Degas Ltd.
    Degas Ltd.

    Financing smallholder farmers in Africa with technology and producing corn in the continent.

    CEODoga Makiura

    A used car finance company based in Kenya using a credit scoring system and IoT tracking system for emerging markets.

    CEOReiji Kobayashi
  • HarvestX Inc.
    HarvestX Inc.

    Providing fully automated strawberry cultivation solutions, including pollination robots.

    CEOYuki Ichikawa
  • TownDoctor inc.
    TownDoctor inc.

    Dietary guidance for prevention of symptom progression in diabetic patients. Providing ""N-Partner"" which is AI-based guidance tool to empower nutritionists.

    CEOKei Yamagami
  • AQUONIA Inc.
    AQUONIA Inc.

    Hardware and software platform for easy and quick developing IoT water treatment systems

    CEORiki Kitagawa
  • KYC Consulting Corporation
    KYC Consulting Corporation

    An advanced RegTech company that utilizes AI to address strict AML/CFT. Provides solutions and consulting that balance cost, accuracy and speed.

    CEONaomasa Tobinai
  • Noetic Digital, Inc
    Noetic Digital, Inc

    Agile market research SaaS, to automatically uncover consumer-directed-insight at scale, through conversational-surveys

    CEOGeorge Reed
  • Aquila Systems Corporation.
    Aquila Systems Corporation.

    We are at the forefront of solving issues faced by healthcare professionals by providing products and services that serve as foundation for operational excellence.

    CEOGeorge S. Radescu
  • iSurgery Co.,Ltd.
    iSurgery Co.,Ltd.

    Developing an AI medical device to estimate bone density from chest radiographs to improve osteoporosis treatment intervention rates.

    CEOYoichi Sato
  • Scalar, Inc.
    Scalar, Inc.

    Provision, Research and Development of Database Middleware

    CEOWataru Fukatsu(CEO/COO) / Hiroyuki Yamada(CEO/CTO)
  • Placy Inc.
    Placy Inc.

    Simulation platform for urban planners to quantitatively evaluate social and environmental aspects of urban planning

    CEOSoma Suzuki(CEO)/Kazuyuki Morishita(CTO)
  • Owner’s, Inc.
    Owner’s, Inc.

    In the areas of M&A and asset management, we are developing next generation professional services for SME owners by combining the wisdom of our industry-leading professional team with technologies.

    CEORyukichi Sakuta


  • uplift labs, inc.
    uplift labs, inc.

    Providing an AI-based kinematic analysis platform

    CEOSukemasa Kabayama
  • is a human-assisted AI platform that lets anyone build, run and scale custom software.

    CEOSachin Dev Duggal
  • PreVu3D Inc.
    PreVu3D Inc.

    Tailored to empower Reality Capture technologies, PreVu3D® simple and intuitive software provide users with the ability to create, edit and share interactive 3D model based of real-life environment.

    CEONicolas Morency
  • Senseye

    Senseye is a computational neuroscience company that accessibly and ethically quantifies brain activity, producing previously inaccessible cognitive insights.

    CEODavid Zakariaie

    Credify is a Singapore-based software development company using blockchain technology to significantly reduce fraud in online transactions.

    CEOMakoto Tominaga
  • Ambi Robotics, Inc.
    Ambi Robotics, Inc.

    Ambi Robotics, Inc. is building dependable AI-powered robotic solutions for flexible piece picking in e-commerce fulfillment.

    CEOJim Liefer
  • Integral AI, Inc.
    Integral AI, Inc.

    Integral’s mission is to accelerate the development of human-centered AI and intelligent robotics.

    CEOJad Tarifi
  • Omneky Inc
    Omneky Inc

    Omneky utilizes state-of-the-art deep learning to empower businesses to grow. Our machine learning algorithms analyze what designs and messaging are resonating with prospective customers and use these insights to generate ads most likely to drive engagement across all digital platforms. Omneky’s mission is to empower human creativity with AI.

    CEOHikari Senju
  • Tippsy,Inc.
    Tippsy,Inc. is an ecommerce platform that makes Japanese sake accessible and available to US consumers for the first time by bridging the gap in supply chain, creating content, and driving education.

    CEOGenki Ito
  • Jitera Inc.
    Jitera Inc.

    BUILDING THE NEXT ERA OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT by developing the development automation platform JITERA.

    CEONao Yanagisawa
  • Skillzilla Inc.
    Skillzilla Inc.

    B2B sales automation platform that completely eliminates the need for sales prospecting using the latest in natural language processing

    CEOHeeGun Eom
  • zData AI, Inc
    zData AI, Inc

    zData is a B2B SaaS company focusing on e-commerce. Their e-commerce dynamic pricing engine monitors competitors, matches similar products, forecast demand and dynamically price products ati increase sales and improve profit margin

    CEOMohamed Batran
  • Tane Labs FZCO
    Tane Labs FZCO

    Tané is a crypto builders incubator based in Dubai, NYC, and Tokyo.

    CEOIkuma Mutobe / Takeshi Ohishi
  • NeuralX Inc.
    NeuralX Inc.

    Synthetic dataset generation for AI training using Artificial Life Engine and application development.

    CEOMasaki Nakada

and more...