• VAAK Inc.
    VAAK Inc.

    Crime prevention business using image analysis.
    Providing “VAAKEYE” which utilizes security camera analysis AI for shoplifting prevention.

    CEORyo Tanaka
  • UsideU Inc.
    UsideU Inc.

    Providing personal assistant service, applying reinforcement learning technologies

    CEOJunji Takaoka
  • Medmain Inc.
    Medmain Inc.

    Development and provision of medical software and cloud services

    CEOIizuka Osamu
  • Navier Inc.
    Navier Inc.

    Development of deep learning-based image processing technology, primarily super-resolution of images and movies

    CEOHiraku Shibuya
  • New Innovations Inc.
    New Innovations Inc.

    Initiate a retail revolution using robotics and AI. Developed cafe robot that transforms the coffee experience as first business

    CEOKeito Nakao
  • Liaro Inc.
    Liaro Inc.

    Provision of AI solution system for apparel, development of data infrastructure system

    CEOKento Hanada
  • scheme verge
    scheme verge

    Design, development and provision of urban and transportation solutions

    CEOTatsuki Yamanami

    CEOJin Tomioka
  • Babel, Inc.
    Babel, Inc.

    Provide digital marketing solutions in Japan and China

    CEOTamiki Sugiyama
  • Instalimb Inc.
    Instalimb Inc.

    Utilize unprecedented 3D-CAD, 3D printing and machine learning (AI) technology to create an affordable and highquality 3D printed prosthetics & orthotics, and deliver all over the world.

    CEOYutaka Tokushima
  • TAFDATA inc.
    TAFDATA inc.

    Revolutionize by using artificial intelligence to practice all sports players.

    CEOMasahiro Yamada
  • EmbodyMe, Inc.
    EmbodyMe, Inc.

    Develop next-generation computer graphics foundational techology and applications using deep generative model (AI)

    CEOIssei Yoshida
  • KOSKA Corporation
    KOSKA Corporation

    KOSKA improves manufacturers' profitability by its SaaS「 GenKan」that visualizes manufacturing activities with IoT devices and cost accounting principles.

    CEOKenichiro Sone
  • Graffity Inc.
    Graffity Inc.

    Our company is an AR entertainment company, providing an AR shooting game with the mission of 'play AR play real'.

    CEOToshiaki Morimoto
  • DeepEyeVision Inc.
    DeepEyeVision Inc.

    Providing ophthalmic image diagnosis service for medical institutions using AI, a startup from Jichi Medical School

    CEOHidenori Takahashi
  • Mantra Inc.
    Mantra Inc.

    To deliver manga/comics across language barriers, we develop machine translation technologies for manga.

    CEOShonosuke Ishiwatari
  • Corpy&Co., Inc.
    Corpy&Co., Inc.

    Corpy is a startup focusing on QA4AI and XAI. We offer custom solutions, management, and consultation for AI to save human lives and promote equality.

    CEOKohei Yamamoto
  • fuku, Inc.
    fuku, Inc.

    We are developing Sophiscope, a research support service, to utilize 100% of prior research.

    CEORyota Yamada

    AI music generator for video creators, SOUNDRAW. Anyone can create original music for content by using SOUNDRAW.

    CEODaigo Kusunoki
  • Jij Inc.
    Jij Inc.

    Providing optimization solutions using quantum annealing technology

    CEOYu Yamashiro
  • RevComm Inc.
    RevComm Inc.

    RevComm is the startup company developing Voice x AI-enabled cloud services.

    CEOTakeshi Aida
  • COCON Inc.
    COCON Inc.

    We mainly provide services and conduct research and development related to cyber security, AI, and cryptographic technology.

    CEOYuya Kuratomi
  • MENOU Corporation
    MENOU Corporation

    Deep learning modelling software and system solutions for visual inspection.

    CEONishimoto Reiteru
  • BlueBlaze Inc.
    BlueBlaze Inc.

    Online mentorship platform providing voice of experience for better career opportunities.

    CEOTatsuya Tsuzuki
  • vivola Co.,Ltd.
    vivola Co.,Ltd.

    Fertility treatment data search service, women's health-related business consulting

    CEOYukari Tsunoda
  • MFS, Inc.
    MFS, Inc.

    MFS operates the online mortgage service “Mogecheck”, which enable their customers to apply for the most suitable loan easily with no fee charge.

    CEOAkira Nakayamada
  • digzyme Inc.
    digzyme Inc.

    digzyme providing "digzyme Moonlight," a platform that enables the discovery of new enzymes and reaction pathways by using bioinformatics technology.

    CEONaoki Watarai


  • uplift labs, inc.
    uplift labs, inc.

    Providing an AI-based kinematic analysis platform

    CEOSukemasa Kabayama
  • is a human-assisted AI platform that lets anyone build, run and scale custom software.

    CEOSachin Dev Duggal
  • PreVu3D Inc.
    PreVu3D Inc.

    Tailored to empower Reality Capture technologies, PreVu3D® simple and intuitive software provide users with the ability to create, edit and share interactive 3D model based of real-life environment.

    CEONicolas Morency
  • Senseye

    Senseye is a computational neuroscience company that accessibly and ethically quantifies brain activity, producing previously inaccessible cognitive insights.

    CEODavid Zakariaie

    Credify is a Singapore-based software development company using blockchain technology to significantly reduce fraud in online transactions.

    CEOMakoto Tominaga
  • Ambi Robotics, Inc.
    Ambi Robotics, Inc.

    Ambi Robotics, Inc. is building dependable AI-powered robotic solutions for flexible piece picking in e-commerce fulfillment.

    CEOJim Liefer
  • Integral AI, Inc.
    Integral AI, Inc.

    Integral’s mission is to accelerate the development of human-centered AI and intelligent robotics.

    CEOJad Tarifi

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